Term Loan


A.    Term Loan:

A Term Loan is a lending agreement made between business owners and financial institutions for short / long term financing on any business / project in exchange for specific borrowing terms. Businesses need capital, either to run operations or simply to start themselves up and begin turning a profit. Financial institutions are willing to give them the money in advance, so long as they pay it back on an agreed-upon schedule with interest. Repayment terms can vary from 1 year to 5 years, depending on the type of loan and the lender.


B.    Purpose:

Term Loan is a loan facilities that can avail by the business entity to meet the following business needs rather than personal needs:

-  Startup costs;

-  Improve cash flow;

-  Debt consolidation;

-  Business expansion;

-  Business franchising;

-  Business acquisitions;

-  Cover construction costs;

-  Overcome unpaid invoices;

-  Debt consolidation & refinancing;

-  Move business to a new location;

-  Improve and expand new market;

-  Purchase real estate and expand operations;

-  Other financial requirement related to business;


C.    Benefits:

-  Tax benefits;

-  No sharing of profits;

-  Multiple loan options;

-  Convenient and easy;

-  Higher enjoyable limit;

-  Competitive interest rate;

-  Flexible enjoyable tenure;

-  Improved business credit;

-  Flexible repayment schedule;

-  Low processing fees & charges;


D.    Some Basic & Common Features of Term Loan:

Now a days, various financial institutions are offering most attractive features for the consumers, who wants to avail the Term Loan facilities. Followings are some basic and common features of Term Loan offered by most of the financial institutions that need to be kept in mind:


       (a)   Who Can Avail?

              -  New Entrepreneurs / Businessman;

              -  Existing Entrepreneur / Businessman;


       (b)   Eligible Entity Type

              -  Proprietorship;

              -  Partnership Firm;

              -  Private Limited Company;

              -  Public Limited Company;


       (c)   Eligible Business / Project Type

              -  New Business / Project Setup;

              -  Existing Business / Project Expansion;


       (d)   Eligible Business / Project Nature

              -  Manufacturing;

              -  Trading;

              -  Service;

              -  Agriculture;


       (e)   Applicable Areas

Any business viable area in Bangladesh.


       (f)    Entrepreneur / Businessman Age Limit

              -  Minimum Age     :  18 Years;

              -  Maximum Age    :  65 Years;


       (g)   Professional Experience

Required professional experience are varies based on business / project credential. In average cases, most of the financial institutions are referring following professional experiences for the consumers.

              -  Businessman     :  Minimum 2 years of business experiences;

              -  Professional       :  Minimum 3 years of professional experiences;


       (h)   Interest Rates

All Banks are currently offering 9.00% or lower interest rates for Term Loan facilities. NBFI’s also offering Term Loan facilities against little bit higher interest rates with additional key features.


       (i)    Fees and Charges Related to Term Loan

Apart from interest charges, some additional fees & charges may also applicable to a Term Loan. Followings are the some of the most common fees & charges that should be kept in mind:

              -  Stamp duty;

              -  Processing fee;

              -  Late payment fee;

              -  Early settlement fee;

              -  Partial payment charges;

              -  Property valuation charges;

              -  Document verification charges;

              -  Other fees & charges;


       (j)    Loan Type

              -  Short Term Loan;

              -  Long Term Loan;


       (k)   Loan Tenure

              -  Minimum       :  1 Year;

              -  Maximum      :  5 Years;


       (l)    Loan Limit

Depending on business / project credential. Most of the financial institutions are offering minimum 50 lac or maximum 70:30 Debt-Equity Ratio.


       (m)  Disbursal Time

Depending on business / project credential. In average cases, most of the financial institutions are completing the total procedure within 45 working days.


       (n)   Securities / Collateral

               As Term Loan is a secured loan product, followings are the properties is considered as security / collateral.

              -  Flat;

              -  Land;

              -  Building;

              -  Civil Construction;

              -  Capital Machineries;

              -  Personal Guarantee;

              -  Other Mortgageble Securities;


       (o)   Repayment Mode

Flexible repayment polity through Equal Quarterly Installments over a period of 1 year to 5 years.


E.    Term Loan Interest Rate and Calculating Method:

Interest rate refers to the rate at which interest is applicable on any amount borrowed from a financial institution. Interest rate is one of the most important factors that determine selection of a loan offer. Thus, one should always compare interest rates from multiple lenders before settling on a loan offer.


(a)   Interest Rates

In most of the cases, Term Loan interest rate set on fixed rate basis. In this case, the rate of interest remains constant throughout the loan tenure. Consequently, quarterly EMI amount also remains fixed throughout the loan repayment period.


(b)  Calculating Method (Quarterly EMI)

In our country, Term Loan interest calculation follows reducing balance method. In this method, as you pay off your quarterly EMIs, parts of the loan amount and the interest component are paid off. Thus, the principal loan amount keeps on decreasing with time and interest is calculated on this decreasing loan amount and not the total amount initially borrowed.


F.     Factors Affecting on Term Loan Eligibility:

Term Loan eligibility depends on many more factors. Most of the financial institutions are considering following eligibility factors before approving any Term Loan application.

-  Business age;

-  Business plan,

-  Business nature;

-  Business location;

-  Business turnover;

-  Feasibility analysis;

-  Entrepreneur’s age;

-  Repayment History,

-  Cash Flow analysis;

-  Banking relationship;

-  Business experience;

-  Collateral type & value;

-  Other loan burden (if any);


G.    Things to Consider before Applying for a Term Loan:

Before applying for a Term Loan, consumers should consider following factors.

-  Loan limit;

-  Interest rate;

-  Loan tenure;

-  Processing time;

-  Fees & charges;

-  Required documents;

-  Compare all financer’s rates & features;


H.    How to Improve the Chances of Availing a Term Loan:

As Term Loan is a secured loan product, lenders have a pre-decided set of rules (credit policies). Many loan applications get rejected as the borrower do not fulfil the basic set of rules of lenders for approval of the Term Loan application. Hence, the borrower works on improving his or her chances of availing a Term Loan facilities using some simple tips.

-  Proper business plan;

-  Identify the right lender;

-  Avoid negative balance;

-  Ensure healthy cash flow;

-  Include all sources of income;

-  Keep proper financial records;

-  Maintain clean past loan records;

-  Identify options for bad credit loans;

-  State the amount of loan exactly required;

-  Be honest and provide accurate information;

-  Maintain entrepreneur’s professional stability;

-  Avoid multiple loan applications simultaneously;

-  Apply for a loan amount based on repayment capacity;

-  Provide all required documents as of lenders requirement;

-  Build & maintain smooth & functional relationships with the lenders;

-  Try to keep a gap of minimum 6 months between two loan applications;

-  Provide totally clean / genuine and mortgage-free / problem-free collateral as of lenders requirement;

-  Prepare complete Term Loan proposal supported by all relevant documents as of lenders requirement;

-  Prepare business / project profile including market analysis data & feasibility study report along with technical & financial explanation;


I.      Required Documents:

To apply for Term Loan there are various types of information / documents are required. Proper documentation is the only possible way to avail the loan facilities. Most of the financial institutions are considering similar guidelines in respect to the documents required for Term Loan. A generic list of such documents has been provided below:

-  Complete loan application;

-  Complete business / project profile along with technical & financial explanation;

-  Proof of business / projects feasibility (technical, financial, business, banking);

-  Identity of business / project (all related permission. license, NOC, registration etc);

-  Proof of entrepreneur’s age, identity, experience, address, nationality, net-worth etc;

-  Securities (clean & genuine) related all documents as a collateral according to the lenders requirements;

-  Other information / documents related to the business / project according to the lenders requirements;